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With over 10 years of experience, B.H.M Heating & Plumbing Services are a Plumbing & Heating company operating out of Chertsey, Surrey.

We provide a range of Heating, Plumbing services including Power flush

What is a Power flush?

A Power flush is a cleansing process which aims to remove deposits of sludge, rust and any other debris from your central heating system. These contaminants, if left, can seriously affect the efficiency of your heating system.
It is prudent to power flush a heating system immediately before fitting a new boiler to an existing system to prevent possible future problems. Many systems are found to contain corrosion and sludge, even if no flow problems have yet shown themselves.

We use one of the best machine on the market to get the best result

Benefits of a Power Flush:

– Exanding life spam of heating system
– More efficient system
– Heating up periods are reduced
– Reduced boiler noise
– Hotter radiators
– Lower bills

Kamco Clearflow CF40 EVOLUTION

The CLEARFLOW power flushing process is a versatile, easy to use and highly effective method of flushing heating systems. By utilising CLEARFLOW system flushing pumps, heating systems can be purged of sludge, scale and corrosion deposits with minimal dismantling and disruption.

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  • Qualifications
  • Nationally accredited certification scheme for individual gas fitting operatives bpec certificate of competence held.
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